Church History Time Line

Church History1170  Place of worship established by a Norman Lord. Land gifted to the Abbey of Holiwood (note spelling) by Cistercian Monks of Melrose.

1170  First mention of a church at Portrack in a monastic dispute.

1560 Reformation.

1567  John Welsh appointed first “vicar” of Dunscore parish.

1638  National Covenant signed.

1645  Church closed (unsafe).

1649 Church built at Dunscore village.

1659 Dunscore manse built.

1651 Rev.  Archibald became first minister.

1662 Act passed restoring government by Bishops and Archbishops.

1663 Rev. Archibald left church and took to the hills to conduct conventicles.

1690 Revolution Statement. Presbyterianism once again restored.

1740 Dunscore manse built.

1814 Dunscore manse rebuilt.

1823 Dunscore Church rebuilt. Original  baptismal font built into wall.

1824 Craig Church opened as a meeting house. (Reformed Presbyterian).

1843 East Church built.

1870 Craig  Church allowed to induct a regular minister.

1876 Craig Church joined with the Free Church.

1890 Craig Church manse built.

1897 Roof repaired and two ventilators fitted.

1899 East Church rebuilt.

1909 Pews replaced

1918 Dunscore East (Free) and Dunscore Renwick(UF) joined as  Dunscore UF Church.

1923 Font removed from wall and installed inside Dunscore church.

1940 Dunscore united with East.

195? Craig church closed.

1960 Chancel steps formed and centre pews replaced with pews from Moniaive church

1967 Clocks installed in tower in memory of Dr. Ramsay.

1971 Dunscore church became a Listed building (A).

1973 Past ministers board erected.

1978 Dunscore linked with Moniaive and Glencairn.

1984 New joint manse built at Wallaceton.

1990 New rear wall added to make room for kitchen, toilet and vestry.

1994 East Church closed.

2010 Projectors and screens installed.

2011 White paint removed.

2016 Heritage project started.

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