Fairtrade Church

Dunscore Parish ChurchFairtrade ChurchDunscore church has been a Fairtrade church for many years and has been a supporter of Dunscore Fairtrade Group from its inception.  We have several church members on the group, some who were there as founding members.  We were delighted when Dunscore became the first Fairtrade village in Dumfries and Galloway.

We believe strongly that what we purchase matters and that we can make a difference by choosing to spend our money in a positive way.  Buying ethically matters to us.

Fairtrade ChurchWe have an ethical purchasing policy for the church to ensure that what we buy has, wherever possible, a positive effect.  This may, for example, mean buying Fairtrade products, local products and products that are least damaging to the environment.  We have Fairtrade and organic polo shirts, T shirts and sweatshirts sporting the Dunscore Church logo that are available to buy.  You can find more details and download an order form at this link.

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