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There is always a lot of activity around Dunscore Church.  See our Facebook page for regular information and more photos.

28.06.20  We had a Lubuto theme to today’s service remembering our linked congregation in Zambia.  You can watch the service here.  Mark created a wee video of the greetings that we sent to Lubuto during the service.  You can see the video here.

14.06.20  It was Messy Church this Sunday.  You can watch the service here.

31.05.20  We were joined by Rev David Coleman of Eco Congregation Scotland for our online service today.

10.05.20  Here is the recording of today’s service.

03.05.20  We continue with our weekly services on Zoom.  You can watch this week’s service here.  If you would like to receive the link for the services, send an email.

05.04.20  We had our first virtual service today.  You can watch it here.

24.03.20  Rev Mark Smith has been inducted to the charge of Dunscore linked with Glencairn and Moniaive.  The photo shows Mark signing the “formula” which makes his appointment official.  The induction ceremony was carried out over the internet due to the current Coronavirus pandemic.  Mark has recorded a video to introduce himself to the parishes.  Yo can see the video here.

19.01.20  We voted in favour of Rev Mark Smith becoming our new minister after today’s service.  We look forward to welcoming to Mark and Debbie his wife as soon as various Church of Scotland procedures have been completed.

17.01.19  Andrew led a Quiet Conversation about Eritrea this evening.  It was fascinating to hear about how he lived and worked there.

12.01.20  It was Messy Church with a Noah’s Ark theme today.  Great fun and lots of children of all ages!

09.01.20  The Litter Larks were out today.  One of the groups headed over the Cairn at Wallacton.

22.12.19  The Dunscore Orchestra led the singing at our Lessons and Carols service today.

15.12.19  Our Gift Service saw lots of toys for the Standard Toy Appeal.

14.12.12  The Cairn Chorus was singing in Dunscore Church this afternoon.

07.12.19  The “Christmas Tree” was put on the church tower.  We took the opportunity to take a few photos of the village and surrounding area.

27.11.19  Dougie Campbell, D & G Council Environment Champion came to talk to the community about the declaration of a climate emergency by the Council.

24.11.19  We were at Speddoch Hall today selling jam, marmalade and chutney for church funds.

09.11.19  We packed 37 shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child today.

03.11.19  Another wonderful Messy Church today.  This time with a remembrance theme and followed by brunch.

28.10.19  Our Eco Congregation group met today.  We enjoyed Susan’s lunch after a meeting that discussed Sarah’s protesting with Christian Climate Action, Kath’s Sphagnum Splat and lot’s more.

13.10.19  It was Messy Church today!  Crafts, songs, food, prayers, a drama and lots of fun!

11.10.19  Sarah, a member of our congregation, is joining the Christian Climate Action protests in London.  We held an event in the church to pray with her and to make some prayer flags for her to take with her.

22.09.19  it was Harvest Thanksgiving today.  The church was beautifully decorated and there was a lot of singing, participation by the children and lunch afterwards in the Glenriddell Hall.

15.09.19  One of out teams was at Briery Park care home in Thornhill today to lead a short service.  Brian, who used to be a regular member of our congregation, is now living there so joined the service.  He helped greatly with his lovely singing voice.

13.09.19  Dunscore Island Discs heard about the lives, Christian journey and music choices of Tim and June Harmer.

05.09.19  The Litter Larks were on the lanes again today.  Lots collected and coffee after.

11.08.19  Next month we will start our Messy Church on the second Sunday every month.  You can see more about it at this “taster” from today’s service.

04.08.19  Today’s service was held in the Gala marquee.  It included some contributions from the Holiday Club Team.

31.07.19  Lots of fun at the Holiday Club this week.  Anything from 10 to 18 children attended and every day was based around a different bible story from Noah’s Ark to Balaam’s Donkey.

29.07.19  The visit by the Alisons to Zambia is in the centre pages of the World Mission magazine.

28.07.19  Alison Boyes talks to Life and Work about our twinning.

15.07.19  The village Gala is holding a Tattie Bogle (scarecrow) competition.  Here is our entry (a new recruit for the Litter Larks).

14.07.19  On the second Sunday of each month we hold an evening service.  This month it was led by Pam, one of our Elders.

07.07.09  After the service this morning we held the vote for the creation of the Nominating Committee who have the responsibility (in conjunction with the members from Glencairn and Moniaive) to find a new minister.

05.07.19  Every year we host students from Hungary who are the winners of a competition in memory of Jane Haining.  They come to Dunscore to see where she was brought up.  This year, in addition to enjoying a church barbecue, visits to local castles and countryside, they met the Secretary of State for Scotland, David Mundell MP.

21.06.19  The fifty-strong choir from the Great Church of Debrechen performed in the church today.  Our presbytery is twinned with the Debrechen presbytery in Hungary so the choir was visiting our area.  They also enjoyed the Heritage Centre and local walks and the supper that we provided.

10.06.19  Kath and Matthew told the Guild Coffee Club about their recent visit to Chilean Patagonia.  Stunning scenery but terrible roads!

06.06.19 It’s the first Thursday of the month so the Litter Larks were out again.  We pick up litter in some stunning places!

02.06.19  One of our local choirs, the Cairn Chorus performed in the church today.

01.06.19  We had a Garden Safari today with three gardens open and an amazing tea at Yvonne’s.

26.05.19  Rev David Coleman, Chaplain for Eco Congregation Scotland led our service this morning.

18.05.19  The Eco Group had a stall at the Environment Fair in Dumfries.  Visitors made a pot from newspaper then planted a bulb in it.  They then chose a sticker with a bible verse on it to stick to the pot.

13.05.19  The Alisons gave a talk about their experiences in Lubuto at the inaugural meeting of the Guild Coffee Club.

12.05.19  After church today we celebrated Harry’s birthday!

11.05.19  We had a fascinating talk this evening from Rev David Bartholomew about the Galloway Hoard – an amazing find of gold, silver, fabrics and other items.  He was present when the hoard was discovered.

08.05.19  Our bible study group Connect today started a four week course designed by Operation Noah, a Christian charity that promotes concern about climate change.

07.05.19 Our Eco Group wrote to the HSBC bank about their policy of investing in fossil fuels.  We received a reply today.

07.04.19  The manse garden needed some tidying up so a Dunscore Church team headed over there today.

04.05.19  Author Mary Miller came to Dunscore Church for a book launch event.  There was recitation, singing, harp music, guitar all inspired by Jane Haining’s amazing life.

27.04.19  Another successful plant sale was held today in the Glenriddell Hall.

25.04.19  The Alisons represented us at our twinning renewal in Lubuto.

21.04.19  Our early morning Easter service was held beside the river Nith at Ellisland this year.  The church was decorated with beautiful flowers for the morning service.

14.04.19  Our two Alisons are heading out to Lubuto in Zambia very soon to renew our twinning agreement with the Lubuto Congregation.  They are taking postcards from our congregations.

13.04.19  Secretary of State for Scotland, David Mundell MP visited the Heritage Centre today ahead of him leading the March for the Living in Budapest which, this year, will particularly honour Jane Haining.

04.04.19 The monthly walk round the local lanes took place today with the Litter Larks from our Eco Group clearing the roads around the village.

01.04.19  (From the Church Facebook page – note the date that this was posted!) Dunscore Church is to be covered with litter as an art installation to highlight the mess on our local roads. We have been selected from all the churches in Scotland as the best location to highlight the litter on our roadsides. The world renowned Swedish conceptual artist Avril Loof is creating a new work based around the church. The art work will involve gluing litter collected from the local streets to the external walls and roof. She has engaged the Dunscore Litter Larks to help her to collect the litter that she needs. She was looking for a rural church building that was prominent in the landscape and discovered Dunscore Church. As a Church of Scotland congregation that is signed up of Eco-Congregation Scotland and with our interest in litter issues, it was an ideal fit for her art installation. If you passed the church yesterday afternoon, you may have noticed that her scaffolding is being erected. She plans to attach as much litter as can be found to the tower, walls and roof. Avril commented: “It may look a little unsightly to some people having an old mattress dangling from the tower or some car tyres round the pinnacles but it will help to make a strong point and you will soon get used to it. It will be done tastefully. For example, the windows will be covered with clear plastic bottles so that there is still some light penetration and I will hang paper items like McDonalds cups from the gutters so that they don’t make a lot of noise. It will make people aware of the amount of rubbish on our roadsides”. Session Clerk, Colin Mitchell commented: “We are excited to be hosting this amazing installation especially as I am sure that it is going to help us in our search for a new minister. There can’t be a minister in Scotland that has not secretly wished to preach in a church covered in rubbish”. The litter is to remain attached to the church for a full year – until 1st April 2020.

31.03.19  It was a Daffodil Tea today.  Lots of cakes, sandwiches and chat!

30.03.19  Matthew represented Dunscore Church at the Eco Congregation Annual Gathering in Dundee today.  He was able to tell the conference about some of the amazing things that our Eco Group has been doing.

28.03.19  The Eco Congregation Group organised a meeting with the director from Dumfries and Galloway Council in charge of waste collection and recycling.  It was a very well attended meeting and everyone learned a great deal about recycling and plans for collections in the future.

17.03.19  Every few weeks two teams from Dunscore Church lead services in either Briery Park care home or Thornhill Hospital.  There was a good “congregation”in Briery Park today.

10.03.19  The second Sunday of each month we have an evening service.  It tends to be a more reflective service and this month Colin lead it with a theme based around Iona.  The service was held in the Heritage Centre as we had run out of oil to heat the church!

02.03.19  The Fairtrade Village Big Brew was held in the village hall and Dunscore Church today.  It has become a big village event with over 20 stalls plus lunch, tea, coffee and cake.  All the chairs were moved to the side to accommodate about 12 stalls in the church.  A wonderful and lively event promoting Fairtrade.

10.02.19  Jannie lead his final service today and it was followed by a farewell lunch in the Glenriddell Hall.

28.01.19  We were joined by pupils from Jane Haining’s two schools, Dumfries Academy and Dunscore School to remember the life and death of Jane Haining and all who died in the Holocaust.

11.12.18  The church is a great concert venue.  Today we welcomed the wonderful Balliol Consort who sang a wide range of Christmas songs and carols.  They donated all the proceeds to the church.  Thank you Balliol Consort!

03.11.18  Our annual shoe box filling took place today.  The shoe boxes go to children around the world that don’t have much if anything at Christmas.  You can read more about the appeal here.

06.10.18:  After the Big Push last year, Dunscore Eco Congregation team achieved all the requirements for Dunscore to become a Toilet Twinned Village.  Elyse of Toilet Twinning joined us at a Toilet Twinning stall at Ellisland to present the certificate to some of the group.

05.10.18:  There was a fund-raising whist drive in the Glenriddell Hall. It raised £263.

01.09.18  The Church and Heritage Centre opened for Doors Open Days for the first time this year.  We had a busy weekend including a talk and a walk round the village Memory Trail.

09.08.18  Our Eco Congregation Group organised a Litter Walk round the roads of the parish to collect litter and to help to keep the area looking at its best.  Join them on the first Thursday of each month.

05.08.18  The service in the Gala marquee was full of song and dance and it was a chance to find out about the Kid’s Club.  The Epic Explorers had been finding clues about Jesus in Adventure Island.  Well done to the team!

01.08.18  A regular fixture in the summer is the Holiday Club.  This year the theme was “Epic Explorers”.  Great fun!

08.06.18  John and Raymond presented an evening of Short Tall Tales of Land and Sea.  Fun, fascinating and enlightening.  A great evening!

11.02.18  Our Eco Group work to twin toilets made it to the press.  Click here to read the article.

28.01.18  Dunscore Church was represented at the Friars Carse Wedding Fayre promoting the church as a wedding venue.  At the same time we were promoting Fairtrade weddings.

27.12.18  The official opening of the Heritage Centre was carried out by Lord Lieutenant Fiona Armstrong.  The moving service was followed by the laying of floral tributes at the Jane Haining cairn then the unveiling of the new Jane Haining plaque.

22.01.18  Our Eco Group Big Push for Toilet Twinning resulted in an amazing 15 toilets being twinned.  We will be offering toilet twinning certificates to organisations around the village and are now working towards Dunscore being a Toilet Twinning Village.

12.12.17  We enjoyed an amazing concert by the Balliol Consort this evening.  The church showed off its new flexibility as a concert venue and it was a fantastic evening.  Proceeds were for church funds.  Thank you Balliol Consort!

10.12.17  It was the Gift Service today.  As ever, there were many toys, games and books brought to the service for children in the region that otherwise wouldn’t receive gifts.  All donations went to the Dumfries and Galloway Standard Toy Appeal.

17.11.17  It was World Toilet Day today and we marked this by going a bit toilet mad.  We asked members of the congregation and local community to give donations towards  We wanted to twin our new toilet (needing a donation of £60) but, thanks to everyone’s generosity of the, we raised enough money to twin over 15 toilets!  We will be giving certificates to the school, pre-school, Glenriddell Hall amongst other organisations.  What an amazing result!

01.10.17 The Re-dedication Celebration!  We had a joyous service followed by supper and a concert by the Cairn Chorus.  A wonderful day!

24.06.17  The scaffolding is off the church and the interior is nearing completion!  You will see that the stairs from the pulpit now turn out (as they originally did).  We have been able to use the old stairs that were covered in an earlier modification.  Where practical, we have used materials from the church.

30.04.17 It was a Family Service today with theme of Celebrating Life.  It was a great celebration!

21.04.17  We invited the congregation and community to an Information Day about the work on the church.  We had lots of interest including visits from the pre-school and the school.  You can see more about the project at

09.04.17  The National Churches Trust gave us a generous grant towards the work on the church building.  You can find out more about the trust and how to become a Friend here.

27.01.17  It is Holocaust Memorial Day today.  We commemorated this with a gathering at the Jane Haining Cairn in Dunscore.  There were pupils from Jane’s two schools, Dunscore Primary and Dumfries Academy.

29.12.16  A group helped to clear the church before the contractors start work soon.

24.12.16  The Christingle Service is a favourite every year and this one was no exception!

18.12.16  The Lessons and Carols Service was greatly enjoyed by the large congregation.  It was a café style and gradually the nativity scene was created throughout the service.

18.12.16  Teams from local churches lead services in Briery Park care home and the hospital in Thornhill.  This is greatly appreciated by the residents and staff.  Today, one of the Dunscore teams was at Briery Park.

29.10.16 We held an auction last night to raise funds for the church repairs and alterations.  Around £1,500 was raised!  Thanks to Kath and the Eco Team for all their efforts and to everyone who offered lots for the auction and to everyone that placed a bid.

10.11.16  Great work by the Operation Christmas Child team.  Lots of boxes packed and decorated at the weekend.

07.10.16  Don’t miss the Dumfries Standard this week – it features the Wellympics!

07.10.16  Our harvest celebrations ended with the Harvest Supper and a very tricky “Pointless” quiz.

07.10.16  The Wellympics (supporting Farm Africa) took place at Ellisland on Sunday.

03.09.16  Last Sunday was the Harvest Service.  We decided to support the work of Farm Africa and their slogan “Give Hunger the Boot” so decorations were Welly themed.

30.09.16  There is an article in the Dumfries and Galloway Standard about the discovery of items relating to Jane Haining.

30.09.16  The labels made it to parliament!  Two members of the congregation (Matthew and Kath Aitken) headed for a mass lobby of parliament to ask MSPs to agree to several climate actions.  The picture shows them with Oliver Mundell (Conservative) and Claudia Beamish (Labour) and a “tree” with some of the labels (including some from Dunscore).  They also met Racheal Hamilton MSP and Colin Smyth MSP.

18.09.16  Two members of the Dunscore congregation are joining the Stop Climate Chaos Mass Lobby of Holyrood. They are hoping to meet many of our South of Scotland MSPs there to discuss climate change and important steps that the Scottish Government can take to help to tackle this issue.  At today’s service members of the congregation wrote labels to be sent to Stop Climate Chaos to be added to others from across Scotland and to be hung on a tree to be handed to MSPs at the lobby.

17.09.16  Do buy a copy of this month’s Dumfries and Galloway Life – it features Dunscore Church receiving the Continuing Eco Congregation Award.

14.09.16  Dunscore Church was well represented at the Church of Scotland “On the Road” seminar in Dumfries this evening. We were looking at challenges ahead for the Church of Scotland (e.g. smaller congregations, minsters retiring faster than they are recruited / trained and fewer children and young people). Do we need to change what we do as a church and how things are structured? Do we need to be organised differently? If so, how? Lots of interesting thoughts, discussion and ideas!

13.09.16  The Church of Scotland announced that they had found a box of documents and photos relating to Jane Haining.  You can see more about this in the Heritage News section.

14.08.16  We received the Continuing Eco Congregation Award today.  We join just three other congregations in Scotland with this award.  It was presented by Trevor Jamison of Eco Congregation Scotland who led our services today.  Alison Boyes received the award on behalf of the congregation as she started the Eco Group way back in 2003.  We were in the papers too.  The piece in the Daily Record is here.

13.08.16  The Book Stall at the Gala was busy as ever.  There were also some members of the congregation that had a go at beating the Fairtrade goalie.

07.07.16  The service in the Gala tent this year was a Café Service.  Relaxed, fun but thought-provoking it included Jannie showing his considerable talent as a ventriloquist.

31.07.16 We had a service and baptism at the Conventicle Monument on Skeoch Hill.

27.06.16  This is the 25th year that we have been hosting Hungarian students.  Pam has been the main coordinator of this for all these years so the church marked this with a commemorative plate and a chocolate medal!

27.06.16  Yesterday Sheila and Archie hosted the barbecue to welcome the Hungarian students and their teacher.  They students won a Jane Haining competition and the prize was to come to Scotland to places significant to Jane’s life.

08.06.16  We have received our Eco Congregation Continuing Award.  Here is the letter with the assessors’ report.

14.05.16  The plant sale was a great success.  Teas, coffees soups and baking were also greatly enjoyed.

30.04.16  The Cairn Chorus entertained us with a concert including great choice of songs.  This was followed a sumptuous afternoon tea.

27.04.16  The Eco Congregation invited candidates from the main political parties to Dunscore for a Nature Candidate Cafe to discuss nature and the environment and to sign the Wildlife Proclamation.  Sunet gave a wonderful introduction to why we are concerned about the environment and God’s creation.

14.04.16  The April meeting of the Guild was its last for the time being as Aly and Judith are retiring from the organisation.  The speakers were Jannie and Sunet talking about the bushmen of the Kalahari.  The talk was held at Ellisland Farm and was very well attended and was followed by tea, coffee and, of course, delicious baking.

27.03.16  Our hill top Easter service was again held at the mast above Wallaceton.  The weather was wet and windy but it was a very special service none the less.

27.01.16  We held a short remembrance ceremony at the Jane Haining cairn today as it is Holocaust Memorial Day.  Many people turned out to remember Jane’s sacrifice.

24.01.15  There were many services leading up to Christmas including a lovely Christingle Service.  It was lovely to see so many children in the church.

3 July 2015: We are delighted to have received fun-ding to carry out repairs to the church and to create a heritage centre.  You can read the press release here.  This is the picture that went with the article.

1 July 2015: We welcomed our Hungarian visitors with a barbecue today.  They are here to learn more about Jane Haining and maintain our Hungarian link in her memory.

9 June 2015: Dunscore Church hosted an event involving Christian Aid, The Scottish Fairtrade Forum and Just Trading Scotland.  The Eco Congregation baton put in an appearance too on its way to Paris for the climate change talks later this year!  We had a very interesting evening.

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