Toilet Twinning

It started with the creation of a second toilet in the church as part of the recent renovations.  The existing toilet was Twinned several years ago with a toilet in Zambia.

The Eco Group decided that we needed to twin the second toilet and, if possible, to twin some others in Dunscore at the same time.

Toilet Twinning makes a massive difference – 2.3 billion people don’t have somewhere safe to go to the toilet and this is an organisation working to do something about that.

Please watch this short video.

And here is what we are doing to raise some cash:

Dunscore Church Eco Group’s Big Push

It is World Toilet Day on Sunday 19th November and Dunscore Church Eco Group is leading a Big Push to twin lots of Dunscore toilets through

We are asking you to take part by only using an authorised or a certified toilet on that day.

There will only be one authorised toilet and it is in the church and it will be available free of charge throughout the day.

If you want to use any other toilet, you will need to apply for a certificate  Each toilet that you wish to have certified will cost £5 (which will go towards twinning Dunscore toilets).  We are hoping that everyone will be part of this Big Movement!

Fines will be issued to anyone reported using a non-authorised or non-certified toilet. This extreme push is to twin toilets in the parish and we want everyone to make a big splash as we raise at least £60 that it costs to twin a toilet.Broken-Toilet-Repair-Dubai

We are having a bit of fun with this but there is a serious point.  Our efforts will help those in desperate poverty to have access to a proper latrine, clean water and health information. You can find out all about it and watch some fascinating videos at Here is a piece from the website: Bawili lost everything due to civil war. But we brought the community together to learn about sanitation – and, at a club meeting, they voted to help Bawili build a toilet.  “My daughter was attacked because we didn’t have a toilet. Having a loo has brought, dignity, privacy and safety to the whole family.” Bawili, Democratic Republic of Congo

We do not want anyone to feel inconvenienced so we will provide a free courtesy bus which will tour the parish every two hours taking people to the authorised toilet though after the journey and the queuing they will probably need to go again. You would be advised to stay on the bus for the whole day! For additional comfort, the WRI will be providing tea and coffee to the queue (which will only add to the problem) but, fortunately, the emergency services will be ready in case there is a mass evacuation!

If you donate £5 per toilet to the cause you will receive an official certificate giving you free use of your toilet for the day!  What is more, the first twelve donors (enough to twin one loo) will receive a free Eco toilet roll!

We hope that donations will flow, not trickle, in and, if you are feeling flush, you could buy more than one certificate (especially if you want to use more than one loo). You can give a donation to any of the Eco Group or online at:

Don’t get caught short!

By order of the Official Toilet Inspector